***Coming in November 2020 my YouTube channel is changing.  It will transition from a channel I had previously been using to post the occasional random video into a channel that features specific outdoor content.

What’s Coming To My YouTube?

I plan to produce outdoor photography and scenic ambience videos.  My specific plans are getting more fleshed out as I learn more about my camera’s video recording capabilities and functions.

I want my videos to be 10-30 minutes long.  No talking, or very little talking.  The videos will be primarily visual where I take the viewers along with me into The Great Outdoors.  Videos will show clips and scenes of me hiking, camping, wildlife canoe trips, doing coffee hikes, cooking hikes, and mingling it all with outdoor photography and outdoor scenic ambience.

My plan it to create 2-3 videos per month.

If interested in following along head over to my YouTube Channel and Subscribe:  CLICK HERE.