My Future As A Writer, NaNoWriMo

Writing Goal: 9/12 to 12/31

I have spent the last several weeks pouring a dozen novella length stories I have written over since 1995. All of the stories are between 23k – 40k in word length, and cover a three different subsets of the fantasy genre. All take place in created world settings I developed to greater or lesser extents. I also reviewed several notebooks I had kept over the years chalk full of some excellent story ideas.

After scouring through my various novellas, short stories, and notes, I created a sixteen week goal that starts today and ends on December 31st, 2022.

Sixteen Week Writing Goal

  1. I want to rewrite “A Whisper in the Dark”, a novella length story that I had written about twenty years ago effectively creating a second draft with a lot of rework.
  2. I want to finish the first draft of “Something Worse”, a novella length story that I had started about fifteen years ago that includes some of the same characters from “A Whisper in the Dark”. It is currently about 75% complete.
  3. I want to start and hopefully finish a draft of a new novella (maybe novel) I have notes for, called “No Title As Of Yet” (working title). I want to tackle this as my primary focus for the month of November. My plan is writing as much of it as I can as part of the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

The draft writing and polishing goals above do not include having anything professionally edited, that will come in 2023 if I like how they turn out.

Future Updates Towards This Goal

I plan to write updates here on this blog as I progress on my end of 2022 goal. So please, if interested, and I hope you will be, check back from time to time and maybe even signup for email updates.

I hope I am not setting myself up for failure with trying to accomplish too much… I’m both excited and nervous, but nervous in a good way. Writers write, and by setting goals like this I hope to keep myself focused on specific goals and not floundering around.

My intent in all of this has a larger goal in mind that is part of a 5 year plan for building myself up as an author.