Here is a list of my various social media links and websites

PATREON:  Sharing my journey behind the camera as well as on front with any who wish to join me, or those who just wish to encourage what I am doing.  My thanks to any who become a Patron.

INSTAGRAM:  I do most of my social media sharing on Instagram.  The content seen here is unpolished and raw, but a good way to see what I am up to.

YOUTUBE:  My early channel content is outdoor related but not focused.  Moving forward my intent is to post scenic ambience videos as well as hikes that include coffee, deep woods camp cooking, and of course beautiful outdoor imagery both photographic and videography.

FACEBOOK:  While I am not a huge Facebook user, I do post there once in a while and hope to grow a following there as well.

TWITTER:  Another social media site I use at times to post.

TD ALL OUTDOORS:  This is my ALL OUTDOOR website.  I do a lot of camping, canoeing, hiking, fishing, overlanding, and sometimes hunting (though not much), and post about it here.  I also do more camping kit reviews on this webpage.

AFFILIATE MARKETING:  I do affiliate marketing across many of my websites.  My websites earn me a passive income.  Some people do affiliate marketing on the side like I do to support my hobbies, others do it full time working from home making a full time income.  If interesting in learning more about blogging and affiliate marketing check out this link for a free website and some initial free training.  It’s where I learned how to market online, blog, host all my websites, and earn a side income from my hobbies.

ALKALINE IMAGERY:  My buddy Jim lives down in San Antonio and has been an avid photographer for 31+ years.  He does Real Estate photography and a lot more, and is worth checking out.  He is the dude that got me interested in photography way back in 1989 when we were both in high school.