KinnickKinnic State Park Overlook In November

Kinnickinnic State Park Overlook In November

The Kinnickinnic State Park overlook of the St Croix River Valley north of Prescott, Wisconsin is simply gorgeous.  Pictures cannot do it justice.

Depending on the time of year you visit the Kinnickinnic State Park Overlook will determine what you see.  In the spring the valley floor far below is likely to be flooded where the Kinnickinnic River flows into the St Croix River.  In the summer it will be too green and lush to see the valley floor.  In mid Autumn you will see a wide array of colors at peak times.

In late Autumn, November 8th to be precise, when I took the pictures for this post, you will see something similar to what I am showing you.

I’ll be sure to come back throughout the year to get more pictures of this beautiful scenic overlook.

Here is a look at the valley floor far below the overlook:

Kinnickinnic Overlook Valley Floor
Kinnickinnic Overlook Valley Floor

You can check out the Kinnickinnic State Park website here.


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