My Future As A Writer

From 3rd POV To 1st POV

When I was a little kid just starting to enjoy writing, I wrote stories about myself in 1st person. Around the time I began reading fantasy novels in my early teens everything I wrote after that was in 3rd person limited POV.

Being honest, since my teen years (I am now 49), I have never liked 1st person POV books and avoided them. Yet, just a few weeks ago I picked up the first book in Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files – and got into it! I don’t know why, but I didn’t seem to mind reading 1st person. In fact, something about it seemed rather refreshing.

Trying To Write 1st Person POV

After reading a few more books over the past couple weeks that were all 1st person, I decided I wanted to try and write something in that POV.

I took a few short stories I had written several years ago and rewrite them as single character 1st person.

It was a lot of fun, in fact, I kept writing beyond the short stories and it felt like the words were just coming out of me. I found writing in 1st person to be so much more intuitive for me then 3rd person. Being able to get into the character’s head and just write write write was easy.

1st Person Novella

I have been getting myself prepped with a basic story outline for a novella I plan to write this November for NaNoWriMo. Originally I was going to write in my usual 3rd person limited POV. But, I want to try doing it in 1st person now, and that’s my new goal for my upcoming novella.