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The Great Outdoors & Me

Yep, that's me - TD Bauer
Yep, that’s me – TD Bauer

At a young age my father introduced me to the outdoors by taking me fishing and for walks in the woods.  My family lived in the country and there was a sizable woods right out my door.  At age six I was spending time alone in the woods just watching and listening to nature.  I would be gone for hours at a time on my own.  As the years in my childhood progressed I began to camp, canoe, hike, and hunt.

As a child I was involved in Cub-Scouts and later Boy Scouts.  However, my stint in Boy Scouts only lasted a few years as it became more of an inconvenience than a benefit: I found the meetings far more numerous than the actual outings they would go on.  I wanted to be out in the woods hiking around, fishing… exploring.

One of my solo wilderness canoe trips from 2019
One of my solo wilderness canoe trips from 2019

I went to Vermillion College in Ely, Minnesota in the mid 90s.  It was a great place to live.  Again, right outside my door was the Superior National Forest and the Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness.  I spent all my extra time outside hiking, canoeing, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing my wilderness surroundings.

The twenty-six years that followed my time at Vermillion College I worked to pay expenses; employment in the medical industry for a while pushing paper, I was a Merchant Mariner working on bulk cargo ships on the Great Lakes, and have spent the last twelve years working in Sales.  But always there was the outdoors; nature, adventure, and exploring.

Photography & Me

In my high school years I dabbled with photography for a few years.  It was an interest my best friend had and he introduced me to it.  Admittingly it was a lot of fun.  We both worked for the local newspaper at the same time.  He as a photographer and dark room technician and me as courier driver.  Both of us had fairly decent film cameras and were hauling them around all over the place taking pictures of anything and everything.

After high school and leaving that job the only cameras I touched were disposable and then eventually whatever was on my cell phone.

About two months ago in August 2020 I began looking back at pictures I had taken with my phone that I had stored in my cloud.  I was marveling at some of the images I captured, and began to develop an interest in taking more outdoor pictures.

A picture from my 2020 Autumn overland trip in northern Wisconsin
A picture from my 2020 Autumn overland trip in northern Wisconsin

It was on an overland trip along the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail where something just clicked inside: I wanted to buy a good camera and learn the skills of Outdoor Photography.

I begin researching introductory DSLR cameras and recently purchased a Nikon D3500 bundle.

And so it begins…

I hope you’ll follow along and join me as I learn photography in outdoor settings.  I’ll be hiking, camping, overlanding, fishing, enjoying hikes with coffee, hikes with campfire cooking, and recording scenic ambience.

I plan to share many behind the scenes moments on my Patreon Page as well as videos on my YouTube channel.

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